College of Sports Science

At present, the college has 84 staffs, among which, 62 teachers, 22 management stuffs on administration, teaching support and rear-service. Among the teachers’ group, there are 1 professor engaged in two fields, 8 professors, 22 vice professors; 5 doctorial students, almost 40 postgraduate students, 12 tutors for master degree candidates; 23 visiting professors; there are nearly 20 teachers have concurrent post in various science organizations and associations.

The Collage currently has three master stations such as Course Education Theory (Physics), Sports Humanistic Sociology, Training Subject for Sports Education, three undergraduate specialties such as Sports Education, Social Sports, and Sports Training. Presently, we assume five- level teaching tasks such as full-time postgraduate, on-the –job postgraduate, undergraduate specialty, public sports, adult education, and set up key research base of Social Science of Sport of the General Administration of Sport in 2003, and obtained key subject of Social Science of Philosophy of Liaoning Province in 2007.Otherwise, the network of soft science of China sports is setup in our university, which is the back-up organization of the Special Committee of Social Science of Sport affiliated to the Liaoning Incuina Sport Science Society and it is the member work-unit of China Society of Sports Science.

Teachers in the college have actively developed science research movements integrated with work practice, and obtained fruitful achievements. We’ve had 5 items of National Social Science funds,2 soft science subjects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, 3 Education Layout projects of the Center Teaching Institute, 16 Social Science items of General Administration of Sport, more than 50 Provincial subjects, more than 30 school-grade subjects, published nearly 30 writings and teaching materials, published more than 500 science papers, more than 100 national grade papers, awarded more than 120 items of prize on Athens Olympic Games, Asian Sports Science Meeting, World Psychology Meeting, World Students of University, China Sports Science Meeting, Sports Science Meeting of School in China; Award nearly 10 provincial and ministry-grade excellent achievements, 60 prizes of other academies, published more than 10 teaching course wares. We had undertaken “Theory Pro-seminar of 2008 Peking Olympics” in 2005 and “International Sport Pro-seminar of Globalization and Developing Countries” in 2006, which generated great effect.

Our School has established Pin pang and Wushu two high-level sports teams under approval of the Ministry of Education, both of which joined in the 7th Sports Meeting for Students of Colleges in People’s Republic of China in 2003, and won the fourth prize of Men Group and Women Group, the second prize of Man Single, the third prize of Man Doubles.

The college has set up seven affiliated departments such as Sports Education Department, Social Sports Department, Sports Training Department, Pubic Sports Department, Gymnasiums and Stadiums Service Center, Sports Social Science Research Center and the Office. The college has an arts and sports stadium which may hold more than 4000 spectators, comprehensive training stadium, a large-scale standard ground track field and a swimming stadium. There are three sports ground in the south, north and the east of the school, including 59 blocks of tennis court, volleyball court, ground track field, football playground. The facilities of Sports Gymnasiums and Stadiums bear various functions such as teaching, training and competing, and it may supply all-round services for schools and social sports.

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