College of Educational Technology
(Audio-Visual Education Hall of Liaoning Province)

At present, College of Educational Technology has the master’s degree awarding power of modern educational technology. The college has 10 departments like Modern Educational Technology Department, Public Courses Teaching Department of Modern Educational Technology, Experiment Teaching Department, TV Production Department, Technical Service Department, etc. It is mainly responsible for cultivating undergraduates and postgraduates of modern educational technology specialty, modern educational technology public courses teaching of school normal students and training of teachers’ ability on modern educational technology, research on theory and application of modern educational technology, research and development of teaching software and network course of every subject, management and maintenance of modern educational technology equipments and technical services relating to school, etc., which is a comprehensive unit integrating teaching, scientific research and technical services into a whole.

At present, the college (hall) has 236 full-time undergraduates, 36 master postgraduates and 68 masters of education, and owns a teacher team with rigorous teaching, good teaching methods and strong scientific research ability, and there are 24 full-time teachers, of which, two are responsible professors, five are associate professors and 13 are lecturers. The college (hall) has a good environment of teaching, experiment and scientific research with the laboratory area of 2073.72 m2 and the total value of fixed assets including experimental equipments and instruments, etc. is over RMB 3 million Yuan. The college has established a Professional Laboratory of Educational Technology which has ten small labs like TV Production and Program Editing Lab, Electro-Acoustic Technology Lab, Photography Technique Lab and Television Principle Lab, etc. The Reference Library of the college collects sufficient professional books and audio visual data for teachers and students to read. Meanwhile, Audio-Visual Education Hall of Liaoning Province also builds a good practice platform for teaching and scientific research of the teachers and students.

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